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Article: Wolftooth Roadlink

Wolftooth Roadlink

The RoadLink is a simple device that offsets the position of your road derailleur to make it possible to run a wide-range mountain bike style cassette.  It is an ideal solution for riders looking to convert their road, gravel, cyclocross, or commuter drivetrain bike to attain the simplicity and reduced weight of a single front chainring…and without giving up the gear range of a double.  It is also great for riders with double chainring bikes that want lower gearing for those ultra steep climbs.

For more Technical details on the RoadLink, checkout the RoadLink Tech Page.

The RoadLink is optimized for use with ten or eleven-speed 11-36t and 11-40t cassettes and works great with Wolf Tooth’s 40-tooth GC cassette extenders and Drop-Stop chainrings.  The Roadlink installs in minutes, is optimized around Shimano ten- or eleven-speed road derailleurs and shifters, but works well with SRAM and Campy too.  It can be used with single or double chainrings.  Here is a list of recommended applications:

  • Single Chainring:
    • Road
    • Cyclocross
    • Commuting
    • Drop-bar mountain
  • Double Chainring:
    • Road
    • Touring
    • Drop-bar mountain


  • 10s Cassette Compatibility:
    • 11-32: Not Required (GS medium cage rear derailleur works) 
    • 11-34: Single or Double Chainring
    • 11-36: Single or Double Chainring
    • 11-40: Single or Double Chainring (front rings can be no more than 14 teeth different e.g. 48-34)
    • 11-42: Not Supported
  • 11s Cassette Compatibility:
    • 11-32: Not Required (GS medium cage rear derailleur works)
    • 11-36: Single or Double Chainring
    • 11-40: Single or Double Chainring (front rings can be no more than 14 teeth different e.g. 48-34)
    • 11-42: Not Supported
    • 10-42: Not Supported
  • The RoadLink mounts only to standard derailleur hangers.
  • The RoadLink is optimized for the 10 and 11 speed Shimano road derailleur geometry.  It also works very well with 9 speed road groups, all SRAM groups, and Campy derailleurs!  One note is that with Campy it works best with cassettes on up to 11-36.
  • SRAMs Exact Actuation road shifters (10s and 11s) are interchangeable with their Exact Actuation mountain derailleurs- which can easily handle a 36 or 40 (and, for one-by, are available with a clutch)- and the CX1 will go even bigger with a single ‘ring.  If you already have SRAM, they also make nice front brake-only levers that match their rear shifters too.
  • Double chainrings are only supported with GS (medium cage) rear derailleurs
  • Triple chainrings are not supported (medium cage rear derailleurs cannot accommodate that big of a change)
  • Direct Mount-native frames are not supported.
  • Due to the lack of a clutch mechanism on Shimano road derailleurs, secondary chain retention (front derailleur or chain device) may be needed, especially for rough- or off-road use.
  • Due to variations in derailleur hanger geometry, chainstay length, chainring size, B-screw adjustment, and suspension configuration, individual results will vary.
  • This 7.9mm max dimension is controlled by the Shimano spec, but a few derailleur hangers don’t meet the spec. You can file a bit of the bottom “tang” of those derailleur hangers to install the RoadLink


Tech Specs:

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