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Article: Wolftooth Goatlink

Wolftooth Goatlink


The Lindarets x Wolf Tooth GoatLink is simply the fastest route to improved wear and long-term shifting performance on wide-range 1×10 drivetrains using the Shimano Shadow+ Rear derailleurs.  The GoatLink re-positions 10 speed Shimano Shadow+ Rear derailleurs to the optimal location when using the GC40 and GC42.


  • Compatible Shimano Shadow+ 10 speed rear derailleurs have a Direct Mount link (including spacer, if so equipped) or B-pivot knuckle with a thickness of 7.9-8.1mm.  Shimano changed to this sometime in 2013.  Very early Shadow+ rear derailleurs have a thinner link and are not compatible.  Here is how to take that measurement:
  • The GoatLink is optimized for use with Wolf Tooth’s 40- and 42-tooth GCs and all sizes of Drop-Stop chainrings- but will work with any 11-40t or 11-42t ten-speed cassette.
  • Direct Mount-native frames and SRAM rear derailleurs are not supported.

Complimenting Products:

GC40 and GC40s cassette extenders

Drop stop chainrings

Technical Details:

  • You will NEVER need a longer b-screw with the GoatLink
  • Improvements with the GoatLink*
    • Chain Wrap at 11t (effects cassette life):
      • 40t:  Improved by 69%
      • 42t:  Improved by 53%
    • Free Chain at 11t (effects shifting precision):
      • 40t:  Improved by 25%
      • 42t:  Improved by 19%
  • Stainless Steel mounting hardware included
  • Material 7075-T6
  • Manufactured in Minnesota, USA
  • Weight:    19g

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