Wolftooth Goatlink 11

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We wanted it all:

  • The ergonomics and reliability of Shimano shifters and derailleurs.
  • The range, simplicity, light weight, and quiet of a SRAM 1×11 drivetrain.
  • The performance we have come to expect from each company’s top-of-the-range components.

After eight months’ development, the Lindarets x Wolf Tooth GoatLink 11 delivers.

This project began with the desire to run 11s Shimano derailleurs and shifters with SRAM 10-42t XD cassettes.  Granted the combination can work without modification- but performance wasn’t quite what we’d expect from Shimano and SRAM’s finest.

When used with a 10-42t cassette, the GoatLink 11 re-positions M8000 XT and M9000 XTR rear derailleurs such that free chain is within 1% of what Shimano intended while engagement is improved by 27%.

But we didn’t stop there.  Knowing that certain situations call for a range beyond that provided 10-42t or 11-42t cassettes, we tweaked the GoatLink 11 to also significantly improve Shimano 11s rear derailleur performance with extended-range  like the Wolf Tooth GCX44 modified 10-44t XX1 or X01 cassette.

So now you too can have it all:  ideal performance from 10-42t XD cassettes and wide-range capability for bigger days.


  • 11-40     Not Required
  • 11-42     Not Required
  • 11-45     GS/SGS Derailleur
  • 11-46     GS/SGS Derailleur
  • 10-42     GS/SGS Derailleur
  • 10-44     GS/SGS Derailleur (Wolf Tooth GCX44)
  • 10-45     Not Optimized
  • 9-44       Not Optimized
  • Other notes:
    • The GoatLink 11 is compatible with M8000 (XT) and M9000 (XTR) series eleven-speed Shimano rear derailleurs.
    • The GoatLink 11 mounts only to standard derailleur hangers.
    • Double chainrings are not currently supported
    • Triple chainrings are not supported.
    • Direct Mount-native frames and SRAM derailleurs are not supported.
Wolftooth Derailleur Optimization

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