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Article: Wolftooth Tanpan

Wolftooth Tanpan

Crossing boundaries and breaking down walls: the Lindarets x Wolf Tooth Tanpan brings the range and security of Shimano mountain rear derailleurs to Shimano-equipped drop-bar bicycles.  This means greater gearing range for bigger adventures, better chain security for rough terrain, and lighter weight and reduced complexity for the daily commute.

In order to deliver these benefits, the Tanpan amplifies road shifter cable pull to allow for seamless communication with mountain derailleurs.  The result is ideal for riders looking to convert their road, gravel, cyclocross, or commuter bike to the simplicity and light weight of a single chainring- or for those whose riding demands lower gearing than a typical double can provide.  With the addition of a clutch-equipped Shadow+ rear derailleur, the Tanpan provides unparalleled chain security for Shimano road drivetrains.

The 17g Tanpan installs in moments, tucking neatly above the rear derailleur and an indexed barrel provides for quick and easy cable adjustment.  Each Tanpan is CNC machined in the USA by Wolf Tooth and comes fitted with precision stainless steel hardware and a sealed cartridge bearing.


  • Compatible with most road, gravel and CX bikes.
  • Important Note:  If the rear derailleur cable is routed internally through the chainstay and exits at the end of the chainstay above the axle or past the axle out the very end, you will need to run full length cable housing.
    • You will have to route the full length housing so it exist from under the bottom bracket (most bikes have a removable cap there) and runs externally along the chainstay.
    • The reason for this is that the Tanpan barrel adjuster end sits too close to the frame for the internally routed cable to exit the frame and enter the Tanpan barrel adjuster
  • Derailleur and Cassette Combinations:

*  GoatLink 10 Recommended for 10s Derailleurs

§  Achievable with Wolf Tooth GC40 or GC42 cog and compatible 11-36t cassette

†  11s Rear Derailleur Only

‡  GoatLink 11 Recommended for 11s Derailleurs

  • The Tanpan SH10 is compatible with ten-speed Shimano road shifters and optimized for ten-speed Shimano mountain derailleurs.
  • Eleven-speed Shimano mountain derailleurs may be used with only a slight decrease in shifting performance
  • The Tanpan SH11 is compatible with eleven-speed Shimano road shifters and optimized for eleven-speed Shimano mountain derailleurs.
  • Ten-speed Shimano mountain derailleurs may be used with only a slight decrease in shifting performance
    The Tanpan is designed to mount directly to adjuster-free cable stops on Shimano rear derailleurs.
    • SRAM 1×11 X-Actuation rear derailleurs may be used with a moderate decrease in shifting performance- and the resulting cable routing is not good.

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