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The DVO Jade rear shock is extremely tunable to fit any rider’s personal preferences. The loader assembly (compression circuits) can easily be removed from the reservoir body to access the shims. From there, you can adjust the shim stack to fit any rider’s style or course layout. Another cool feature of the shock is our use of a bladder instead of an IFP commonly found in most shocks. An IFP or “Internal Floating Piston” is a piston with an O-ring used to separate the air from the oil in the reservoir body. When the shock is initially compressed, the IFP can cause a moment of stiction creating a notchy/sticky feel right off the top. With a bladder system that is completely eliminated and small bump sensitivity is enhanced. On the initial compression, the oil surrounds the bladder and compresses it similar to squeezing a balloon. You therefore have a smooth and seamless transition from compression to rebound.


Loader Style Compression- Compression circuit can be easier removed for custom tuning.

Bladder- Amazing small bump compliance, no stiction.

High Flow Pistons- Eliminates harshness and delivers dynamic damping.

Cooling Fins- Keeps the Jade running cool, no matter how harsh/long your ride is.

For more information please contact your local dealer. Or us directly from our contact page.

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