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Article: DVO Emerald DH

DVO Suspension

DVO Emerald DH

DVO has been developing their new Emerald fork for quite some time now and the wait is over!! The Emerald is a World Cup level race fork with 203mm of travel. It’s highly tuneable with external High/Low speed compression and rebound adjustments. Plus you can also remove the compression damping system (without draining your oil) and make further adjustments to suit your riding style and terrain. DVO has also developed a first for inverted forks, there Carbon Torsion Arch (CTA) to improve torsional stiffness by 22% at the wheel. The Emerald also has a negative spring preload system called OTT for extra plushness control.

DVO Emerald Fork Highlights

– 203mm travel
– Inverted design
– Carbon Torsion Arch (CTA) to improve torsional stiffness
– Air spring with adjustable ‘Off The Top’ negative coil spring
– 41 to 42mm tapered 7000 series aluminum upper legs
– 36mm 7000 series stanchions with molybdenum disulphide coating
– 20mm forged magnesium dropouts
– Twin-tube open bath damper
– External high and low-speed compression and rebound adjustments
– Easy to remove bottom loader compression assembly
– Available in green or black in 26 or 27.5″

For more information please contact your local dealer. Or us directly from our contact page.

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