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Article: Wolftooth 96BCD

Wolftooth 96BCD


Looking for a 1X chainring for your new XTR with the proven chain retention of our Drop Stop chainrings?  Wolf Tooth has what you need! These chainrings fit only the Shimano XTR M9000 and M9020 cranksets (race and trail respectively). They have an asymmetrical 96 mm BCD with built-in threaded standoffs to provide the ideal 1X chainline. Use the stock Shimano XTR M7 chainring bolts with these rings (conventional M8 bolts will not fit…this means Wolf Tooth bolts will not work with this ring). The needed Shimano bolts come with the crank arms. All chainrings feature our patent pending Drop-Stop® tooth design and are made from 7075 Aluminum. Chainline is 49 mm for 30-34T and 50 mm for 36T, color is black.

Product weights: 30t – 41g, 32t – 50g, 34t – 59g, 36t – 69g.

For more information please contact your local dealer. Or us directly from our contact page.

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