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Article: Pivot LES 27.5

Pivot Cycles

Pivot LES 27.5

LES is more (or LES). After the super successful launch of the LES 29, we are on a roll, so we decided to bring Pivot’s technology and performance to the newest wheels size.  For the hardtail rider waiting to convert to bigger wheels, the LES 27.5” should fit the bill perfectly.  Featuring a dedicated geared 142mm X 12mm through axle design, and more compact frame design, the LES 27.5” takes our affinity for lightweight performance to a whole new level.

Getting your race ready LES under 20lbs will not be an issue. The biggest news is the small and additional X-small LES frame size that opens up the opportunity for shorter riders to get on properly fitting bikes with bigger wheels.  Now you can own, ride and race the most highly optimized hardtail ever created with geometry, stand over clearance, weight, and ride tuning perfected for the smaller rider. The LES 27.5 is a truly exciting bike that we are excited to bring to a whole new legion of Pivot riders.

•    Pivot’s exclusive hollow box, high-compression internal molding technology allows for greater compaction and smoother internal walls resulting in a lighter, stronger, highly optimized, ride tuned frame design. This technology allows the frame extremely lightweight while also having a really balanced feel with a great combination of stiffness  and ride quality.

•    Full internal shift cable routing with under bottom bracket access port design for hassle free installation: The LES 27.5” features well thought out internal cable routing that protects the cables from contamination while also being very user serviceable and easy to route, which is something that cannot be said for most internal routed designs.

•    Chainstay length and tire clearance: The LES features extremely short 16.77” chainstays.  This matches the shortest 26” chainstay lengths out there so riders have a tight handling, responsive bike along with the benefits of 27.5” wheels.

•    Small and X-Small frame sizes bring big wheels with optimized fit, handling, and lighter weight to smaller riders while offering the maneuverability and  excitement provided by the 27.5” wheels to riders of all sizes.


Build Kits:

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For more information please contact your local dealer. Or us directly from our contact page.

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