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Article: About Us

About Us

About Us

Revolution Products Ltd is one of New Zealand’s leading import/distributors of high end Mountain Bikes, Parts and Accessories. We are the importers of Transition Bikes, Pivot Cycles, Chromag, Gamut, DVO Suspension, HT Pedals, Wolftooth and Thrill BMX.

We started business way back in 2005 as we saw a hole in the market for a distribution company which offered top products while having exceptional service to its dealers and customers. After a few phone conversations with the Transition guys we had signed our first brand. The first 12 months was hard work getting dealers to take us serious as at that point in time no one had really heard of Transition Bikes? But after a while we started to get some traction in the market thanks to the Transition BottleRocket which at the time was the first ever real slope style bike. We then concentrated on growing our product range, first we added Chromag in 2006, Gamut in 2007 and in 2009 we signed on with Pivot Cycles. Then in 2012 HT Pedals hit the market in New Zealand for the first time and in 2013 we grew the company again buy getting the distribution rights for DVO Suspension and Wolftooth Components.

We take great pride in our brands and believe they are all exceptional products and we would be happy to ride/use any of them on our personal bikes.

We don’t take customers for granted. We do everything possible to make sure you are completely happy with your purchases. Same goes with our dealers, we are very proud of our dealer network, we don’t sell to any store! We believe all our dealers are the best at sales and service in their areas.

So if you have a question about any of our brands please feel free to contact us directly or swing by one of our dealers.

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