A Labor of Love

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Transition Speed Balanced Geometry. SBG. It may sound like a bunch of marketing speak, since it is our first acronym that actually means something. But that couldn’t be farther from what lies beneath those three letters. When I joined the crew at Transition Bikes, I walked into one of Transition’s biggest projects to date. At the time, it was a tangled mash up of technical geometry terms that would quickly turn away even the biggest bike nerds.

Fork offset, front center, trail, and wheel flop, just to name a few. As things ramped up, it became confusing enough to where we internally needed a way to talk about what we were doing, and thus, Speed Balanced Geometry was coined. So you can call it SBG, or just “how Transition bikes ride”, either way it boils down to providing a means of simplifying the technical terms that make our bikes ride the way they do. Our SBG bikes have been out for a a year now, and we thought it was time to show the world how they came to light.

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