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Article: The new Pivot Switchblade


The new Pivot Switchblade

Pivot has just release the new Switchblade. With 135mm of travel in the rear and matched with 150mm fork with a long slack geo.  However theres more to this frame that just sleek lines, you can also run the bike with either a 29″ or 27.5″ wheels with a 3.25″ tire. More details to following on pricing and build kit options but in the mean time please contact your nearest dealer or us directly for more info.

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DVO Topaz

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Pivot Cycles

Pivot Switchblade

Purpose-built to meet the demands of enduro and aggressive trail riding, Pivot’s Switchblade is a versatile ripper with a huge advantage no matter where you shred. As a long travel 29er, the Switch...

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