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Article: Revolution40 Carbon Rims


Revolution40 Carbon Rims

Revolution40 Carbon Rims

After 2 years of drawing rim profiles on scrap paper and hours of endless nights thinking about rolling forces we’ve finally finished our own carbon rim.
The Revolution40 Carbon Rims are now here and ready for hitting NZ trails. Wider is better right?? Yes you bet! A wider rims increases tire sidewall stiffness giving you huge traction around corners.  You can also run a lower air pressure in your tires than normal width rims, this increases the “contact patch” with the ground which helps you ride faster with better control on technical trails with rooty/rocky terrain and gives you more braking traction.
Our Revolution40 rims feature a “hook less” sidewall. Yes you can still run them tubeless but since there’s no “hook” on the side wall we were able to increase the amount of material in the sidewall of the rims. Impact damage is the downfall of most rims we thought it was super important for us to make a rim with thicker sidewalls to give you better protection in the rough high speed stuff.
The Revolution40 Carbon rims also feature a bead lock, this is a small bump above the inner channel and helps keeps the tire sealed when running tubeless and keeps the tire in place on hard cornering. Weight was also a huge consideration, the Revolution40 Carbon rims are as light as we could possible get them with out hugely affecting  there strength.
Our goal was to make a product which excelled in both climbing and descending and at 390grams (-/+ 15grams) and still strong enough to take the harder hits we think we’ve achieve it.

– Made from UD Carbon
– 40mm wide
– 30mm height
– 27.5”
– 32 hole
– Hook Less design
– Tubeless Ready
– 390grams (-/+15grams)
– Designed for XC/AM/ Enduro Race
– Gloss White or Stealth Black decals
– 1 Year Warranty

For more information please contact your local dealer. Or us directly from our contact page.

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