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Welcome to Revolution Products Ltd latest website! As you can see we've made some pretty big changes as you can now purchase directly from our site. Yes our business was built on distributing our brands via our dealer network and nothing has changed there as you'll still be able to walk into any of our Dealer stores and check our some our brands.
However we felt the time was right to move into the world of E-commerce and offer all our range online. But we've developed a pretty trick check out system. Once your orders are in your cart and you go to check out you'll be asked to choose your local dealer. Your order will be shipped to your nominated dealer(free shipping). Once your order is there they'll contact you and arrange time to get your order install or built (if you purchase a bike). 

However if you still want to get your order ship to your front door we can still do this. But our prefer option is to use your local dealer, that way you’ll have peace of mind that your purchase has been installed correctly and safely.

Basically our aim is to give you what you always wanted….. Online prices but with the full support of your local bike store. Plus you’ll be buying from New Zealand owned and operated companies which mean you’re supporting our own economy and keeping NZ’ers in jobs and you’ll get lots of good karma coming your way.



Revolution Products

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