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Article: Pinkbike: Transition Carbon Patrol


Pinkbike: Transition Carbon Patrol


Here’s the review we’ve all been waiting for….. Pinkbikes take on the new 2016 Transition Carbon Patrol.

“The Patrol Carbon is the most versatile all-mountain bike that I can remember riding. It’s slack and forgiving like a proper enduro race bike should be, but then it seems to transform into not just a completely manageable package when the terrain isn’t burly, but one that’s an absolute blast to ride. Transition hasn’t employed any buttons or dials to change the bike’s geometry, either, but rather just built a smart, easy to live with bike that’s fun to ride everywhere and anywhere.” – Mike Levy

Read the full review here.

FYI: our first shipment is seaming it’s way to us now so talk to your local dealer to secure one on this first shipment.

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