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Article: Chromag Basis

Chromag Grips

Chromag Basis


The Basis grip is designed for applications where the rider wants a firm, direct connection for performance in high intensity scenarios. The thin diameter grip with dimpled pattern is firm yet tacky and less prone to surface wear.

The Basis is made with a Kraton based rubber that combines a soft 25a durometer and a proprietary additive for a combination of tackiness and durability.

Chromag grips feature our unique ‘Split-Teardrop’ end clamp which effectively covers the bar end while still utilizing a true pinch-clamp for the best purchase to the bar. Overall length 142mm.


  • Black with Black ends.
  • Red with Black ends.
  • Gray with Blue ends.
  • Neon Yellow with Back ends.

For more information please contact your local dealer. Or us directly from our contact page.

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