Anvl Mandrel Carbon Bar

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The Mandrel Carbon bar is a lightweight do it all bar that doesn’t sacrifice weight for width. The wide bar features 35mm bar bore for added stiffness and strength while keeping the weight down. The look and dimensions are similar to our alloy bar and offer extremely smooth tapers at the bends and proper sweep to create one of the best feeling and looking bars on the market. Our carbon lay-up allows us to save significant weight over alloy bars while still maintaining strength and stiffness you come to expect in a 800mm width bar.

MATERIAL: UD Carbon Fiber
LENGTH: 800mm
RISE: 20mm or 35mm
SWEEPS: 6 Degrees Up, 7 Degrees Back
WEIGHT: 20mm Rise 229g, 35mm Rise 235g


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For more information please contact your local dealer. Or us directly from our contact page.

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