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Article: Anvl Mandrel Alloy Bar

Anvl Components

Anvl Mandrel Alloy Bar


We went to great lengths to make the tapers and bends of the Mandrel super smooth to create a 35mm bar that looks like a traditional 31.8 bar with the added benefit of stiffness and strength. We combined that with perfect sweeps that makes the Mandrel feel just as good as it looks. True-Sweep geometry means that you can now run the bar with the proper roll-back without compromising the geometry/feel of the bar. No more rolling the bar forward to achieve the proper geometry! The Mandrel is race light while also being stiff enough for aggressive trail riding, enduro, and downhill. All of our bars are 800mm long and easily “cut to fit” your riding style.
MATERIAL: 7050 Alloy
LENGTH: 800mm
RISE: 20mm, 35mm
SWEEPS: 6 Degrees Up, 7 Degrees Back
WEIGHT: 20mm Rise 289g, 35mm Rise 312g
COLOR OPTIONS: Black, Red, Blue


productpage_mandrelalloy_2 productpage_mandrelalloy_3 productpage_mandrelalloy_4 productpage_mandrelalloy_5 productpage_mandrelalloy_6




 For more information please contact your local dealer. Or us directly from our contact page.

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