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Article: Anvl ARC DM Stem

Anvl Components

Anvl ARC DM Stem

The ARC Direct Mount stem represents the most elegant DH stem design on the market. Lightweight yet more than strong enough for World Cup applications, the ARC Direct Mount is the perfect accent to today’s modern downhill bike. Hidden bolts, flowing smooth lines, and a 35mm bar bore. Combined with our unique riser kit and 2 position settings you can easily customize the ideal setup to fit your riding style.
DM stem
MATERIAL: 7075 Alloy
LENGTHS: 45-50mm Adjustable
BAR BORE: 35mm
WEIGHT: 110g (stem w/hardware)
COLOR OPTIONS: Black, Red, Blue
EXTRAS: 2 piece riser kit (2.5mm and 5mm)








ProductPage_ArcDM_1 ProductPage_ArcDM_2 ProductPage_ArcDM_3 ProductPage_ArcDM_4 ProductPage_ArcDM_10For more information please contact your local dealer. Or us directly from our contact page.

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