Wolftooth Pack Pliers Ltd Edition

This Limited Edition CNC Engraved Pack Pliers is a multi-tool developed to provide functions that are not found on a typical multi-tool and it is light and compact so you can carry it with you. This tool serves as a tire lever, Presta valve core remover, valve stem lock nut wrench and master link pliers. It also provides storage for two master links so you will always be prepared on the trail. Magnets hold the master links securely in place and self closes the tool. Engraved design and pliers is made in our shop in Burnsville, Minnesota.
This Limited Edition Engraved Pack Pliers is something new and unique for Wolf Tooth. We typically use a precision laser to etch our logo on the anodized surface of our products. In this case we put the anodized parts back into the CNC mill to engrave a design on the surface. We especially like how you can see each pass of the machining in the exposed raw aluminum of the Wolf Tooth logo.

**Not many of these Limited Edition Pack Pliers were made. When they're gone, they're gone.