Wolftooth CAMO Round Ring for Shimano 12spd Hyperglide+ Chain

Wolftooth CAMO Round Ring for Shimano 12spd Hyperglide+ Chain

The new Shimano XTR, XT, and SLX 12spd Hyperglide+ chain works differently than other products on the market so Wolf Tooth engineers developed a completely new tooth profile to provide optimal chain retention and durability when using this new chain technology.
  • The new HG+ chain interacts with the chainring much differently than a traditional wide/narrow design. Wolf Tooth engineers spent the time to understand how the system works and design a new tooth profile that is optimized for this system.
  • Engineered proprietary tooth profile maintains the quiet and smooth performance of the HG+ drivetrain with legendary Wolf Tooth chain retention.
  • Prevents premature ring and chain wear that can come from non-optimized profiles.


  • Compatible with Shimano 12-speed Hyperglide+ chains
  • Compatible with Wolf Tooth CAMO spiders. It is NOT compatible with any other chainring mountings
  • The CAMO spiders come with stainless steel bolts

Installation notes:

You will be able to access all bolts without removing the spider
Line up the little dot on the ring with the dot on the spider. Don't worry, you cannot install the ring in the wrong rotational orientation.
Be sure the bosses on the spider "plug in" to the chainring.
Torque bolts only to 4-5 Nm and use blue Loctite threadlocker