Wolftooth Camo Bolt Kits

Wolftooth Camo Bolt Kits

Wolftooth Camo system replacement bolts kits. 

The CAMO chainring system was created by the Wolf Tooth engineers for Chainline And Material Opimiztion on direct mount style Chainrings. They key advantages include:

  • Perfect Chainline - for wear and shifting precision
  • Optimal material usage - for weight, stiffness, and wear
  • Price - for less expensive replacement chainrings
  • Swapping - Very fast chainring change out with 5 small bolts and no nuts.
  • Availablity - Wolf Tooth is the one-stop-shop for your direct mount needs...round or oval, stainless or aluminum, and no matter the crankset.

*please note that the Spiders come stock with Stainless Steel ones.