DVO Jade Rear Shock


Bringing in the next generation of high performance shocks is the DVO Jade Coil Shock. DVO has dropped the conventional floating piston and O-ring design for a stiction free compression bladder instead. Zero reservoir stiction equates to a new level of shock response and feel. DVO, being the customer conscious company that they are, have built the Jade shock to be serviceable and tunable either in your own garage or at your local bike shop. An external shim stack is easily adjusted to fit a riders personal style or for a specific race course. Performance will remain at it's peak from the top of the course to bottom with coolin fins keeping things cool and functioning as they should.

**Springs Sold and hardware Separately

Loader Style Compression
Cooling Fins
High Flow Emerald Piston
Bladder System

Sizes: 10.5x3.5, 9.5x3, 8.75x2.75, 8.5x2.5, 7.87x2.25
Adjsutments: High and Low Speed Compression, Rebound, Spring Preload
Weight: 425G - Damper Only