110 BCD Gravel / CX / Road Chainrings

110 BCD Gravel / CX / Road Chainrings


Wolf Tooth was first to market with Cyclocross 1x specific chainrings because we saw Cyclocross as the perfect use for our Drop-Stop® technology. Since their release, the uses for these rings has expanded beyond Cyclocross to commuting, gravel riding, mountain bikes with 5-arm crank power meters, and even full on-road applications with the giant 50t rings.

  • Fits 110 BCD 5 arm cranksetsDrop-Stop technology.
  • On Wolf Tooth’s patented wide/narrow chainring, the wide side of the tooth has maximum contact on the drive side which spreads the load and improves chainring life. The narrow side allows clearance for mud and debris which reduces friction.
  • Alternating wide/narrow tooth pattern prevents chain derailment


  • These rings are for use with 110 BCD 5 arm cranksets.
  • Stock 2x bolts will not work. You will need bolts like our 6mm bolts which are optimized for single ring mounting.
  • Chainline - varies - these rings can be mounted in either the big or small ring position on a double cranksets. The most common mounting is in the big ring position because of chainstay clearance. The ring centerline is ~2mm from the ring's mounting face so they usually sit about 2mm closer to the frame than the stock big ring (depends on the stock ring)

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Chainring bolts - stock 2x bolts will not work. 6mm bolts which are optimized for single ring mounting are needed

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Tech Specs

  • Weight: 34t • 44g | 36t • 58g | 38t • 66g | 40t • 74g | 42t • 81g | 44t • 90g | 46t • 107g | 48t • 115g | 50t • 125g
  • Material: 7075-T6 aluminum
  • Made in the USA